How we Work

Vaux seeks opportunities that can leverage what we do well;  team building, leadership, capital architecture, international business development and maximizing value at exit.


Many growing businesses are challenged by the need to add key players at a rapid pace, especially early in the process. It’s tough enough to keep your eye on the core business when you’re also dealing with issues like… Who do we need? What can we wait on? What’s the best use of our limited resources? What team members can help our chances of raising capital at the next level? Vaux has been part of that movie, and has a ready-made network of stars and supporting cast to plug in.


OK, now what? Many teams fail to perform at peak at the start, simply because they have not worked together through the growth process. This can slow a business down just at the time they desperately need to get traction. You can’t afford to wait: using a combination of leadership techniques and practices, Vaux has built high-trust environments with highly motivated teams capable of achieving the milestones needed to grow a business rapidly.

Capital Architecture

Way too many early-stage companies cripple themselves with inappropriate capital structures early on. Result? It can kill interest from more sophisticated players down the road. It is the silent killer.


If you haven’t yet guessed it, we have been a few places in the world and done business in many more. The secret is a unique blend of cultural adaptation, basic value propositions, and boundless American enthusiasm. We seek to add significant value to enterprises through our international contacts.

Maximizing Shareholder Value

Companies we get involved with are often on growth paths that require seeking funds multiple times. That path is full of chances to maximize value- and chances to minimize it as well! The difference between an A+ and an A- in this class can be a hundred million dollars, so it pays to pay attention.

Got all that?

Send a deck, a link, a one-pager or an email that addresses a big problem with a real-world solution… hopefully enhanced by technology.