History of deals

Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand.

- Unknown

For over 20 years, Miles has been helping entrepreneurs build businesses and realize value. Trained as an investment banker, he helped raise the capital that put companies like Pentech Pens, Alpine Lace Cheese, Dentax Toothbrushes, Whitney Organizers and Kryptonics Skate Wheels on the map. He joined Capital Express, a private investment fund, as a member in 1995. Capital Express helped fund the growth of companies like register.com, 800-birthdays, rave sports, and MoneyHunt, which he co-founded with Cliff Ennico. Since 2004, he has invested under the Vaux name.

Here are some of the ones worth remembering:

Alpine Lace Cheese

Well, originally First World Cheese, but anyways, it was the pioneer in low fat cheese, and lives on today. A fond memory from my earlier financing days.

Carewell Industries

Carewell Industries is another great story, this one about a fearless entrepreneur and his toothbrush. Tony "the TIGER" Gelbart developed...

Nat Nast

Very unique and sometimes vintage style men's casual clothes marketed through specialty stores throughout the US. Sisters Patty and Barbara are two terrific...


Krypto developed the first eurethane inliner skate wheels for Rollerblade- and then started marketing under their own brand. It was sold to HYPER to make the largest player in the space.

Money Hunt

Originally a marketing idea for the Private Equity Fund Capital Express, MoneyHunt became a mini-movement in the late 90's. We created a TV show that...


A revolutionary concept in women's nail fashion, which like all great revolutions saw its share of blood and suffering before finding its way: a business...

PenTech Pens

Perhaps the one that put me on the map. This marketer of cool pens and pencils ran from $4MM sales to over $50MM in the four years after...


A domain name registration business, held via Capital Express. It was simply a great experience. You can look it up.