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- Einstein

Here’s what Vaux has been up to lately. If you have an existing business that needs capital and can use Vaux's skill set to help grow your company, send a one page summary to us.

Deals- Recent Vintage

Mojiva - Exit

Mojiva ii is the mobile ad network purchased after the mOcean Mobile sale.

Operative - Exit

Operative is a software and services company that helps media companies simplify the business of advertising. - See more at:


Aptaris offers a suite of enterprise marketing and promotions management tools and services that focus specifically on the promotional needs of today's retailer.

Fashion Snoops

A recognized leader in fashion data and trend forecasting.

A Line in the Sand

A Line in the Sand is producing a play based on the last century's colonial collision course- the Middle East and it's boundaries.

Bell Family

Bell Family providers care services to exceptional families, on demand.

Open Angler

The first and only online platform to simplify and automate fishing charter reservations.

Trendy Butler

Men’s apparel subscription service with technology that personally caters to each user’s style preferences, sizes, and overall personality.