Look, life is too short. Ask Nic Fouquet. Vaux focuses on opportunities that match well with our simple realities, and have the following attributes:

Domain Expertise

People that know people, identify problems and believe passionately in the viability of their solutions have a leg up to get things donde more effectively.

Stage agnostic, but something new

A new product, market, or acquisition that will propel the company to the nest level, and requires capital and teambuilding to do so.

Limited baggage

Basically, that means most or all of the equity held by the founding partners. This speeds decisions and minimizes headaches for us all.

Local Company, Global Vision

We like U.S. or UK headquarters and a desire to expand activities worldwide. We like doing things we understand like marketing driven.

Hits our sweetspot

We have invested as little as $100,000 and up to $2,000,000 in prior deals, though in new media deal sizes are trending on the low side of that

For Angel Investors

Vaux invests with a small group of angels, which is great work of you can get it.